Task 6: Writing the discussion

This is the important section of the article. The review discussion must:

1.  be comprehensive and balanced

2. acknowledge controversies, unresolved questions, recent developments, other viewpoints, and any apparent conflicts of interest or instances of bias that might affect the strength of the evidence presented.

3. emphasize an evidence-supported approach or, where little evidence exists, a consensus viewpoint. In the absence of a consensus viewpoint, you may describe generally accepted practices or discuss one or more reasoned approaches, but acknowledge that solid support for these recommendations is lacking.

YOU now have an article


2 Responses to “Task 6: Writing the discussion”

  1. mugambiw80 Says:

    The discussion section is one that keeps my mind thinking and trying to make sense out of the findings. However i feel more free writing the discussion because i bring forth what is in my mind in relation to the findings if my review. I’m finding it interesting to pour my mind after seeing what others found. oops! i will try not to write another article just on the discussion.

  2. mm2010 Says:

    discussion, discussion, it is a challenge to neat together different findings from different researches, but the goodness is you have your research question you are trying to answer which will guide your discussion. while we are focusing on the alternative hypothesis, anything in favour of the null hypothesis? lets discuss it because this is where the new knowledge is conceived.

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