TASK 5: Writing the results section

In this section include the studies that you have decided upon for your review. When reporting the results indicate the following:

1. Types of articles included

2. Findings of the articles

In presenting the results of a review, you should aim to give the reader a clear idea of each of the following:

  • the major conclusions of the review in answering the initial research question(s)
  • the sources of evidence on which those conclusions are based
  • the quality of the evidence supporting each conclusion
  • the likely degree of completeness of the search for evidence

4 Responses to “TASK 5: Writing the results section”

  1. Chilufya Mwamba Says:

    The results sction is a challenging task. I dont know about you guys. Maybe the problem i have is that am dealing with a topic that does not have enough literarture and to make conclusions out of the articles is not easy. I really have problem with my study populatiojn. advise

  2. ebppost Says:

    It is difficult to compare apples with pears. What you are attempting to do is synthesizing available information and trying to make sense of it. If not much has been written then only report on those that you have. It does not mean because there is limited information that it is not good – the challenge lies in how we present this information

  3. mugambiw80 Says:

    “Learning is a continuous process” Whoever said this has my full support. Initially, when i thought of writing of results, the only picture that would come in mind is of prose writing where by you end up with several paragraphs. To be sincere through this article and mainly the results part, i have learned to represent a lot of information in a simple manner through a table. it may seam little but its a lot. And by the way, isn’t this the same idea of making a whole thesis to become an article.

  4. ebppost Says:

    Yes learning is a continuous process. I still find I learn everytime I read through the draft articles. hope to see your reflection on the process so far

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