task 4: Writing the methodology section


Now you must write the methods section. This section should include:

1. How the literature search was conducted

2. What major sources of evidence were used.

3. Ideally, indicate what predetermined criteria were used to include or exclude studies

4. Be comprehensive in trying to identify all major relevant research.

5. Critically evaluate the quality of research reviewed. Avoid selective referencing of only information that supports your conclusions. If there is controversy on a topic, address the full scope of the controversy.


8 Responses to “task 4: Writing the methodology section”

  1. mm2010 Says:

    how is it going with the methodology part? I have just started mine, no pot holes yet along the way. i hope it will also be as challenging as identifying the gap because that is what I enjoy. “facing the challenge”. learning how to manage is my field of interest. I will definitely share my challenges with all the bloggers. then we can meet and share how to manage such challenges. What are the challenges that you have so far met?

  2. ebppost Says:

    The methods section is the technical section – it is the section where you have to be accurate in describing what you did so that other could follow this method. The method is the plan and I hope you all had a good plan.

  3. chrishims Says:

    How much are we suppose to write in the methodology?It looks challenging.Just gearing my self up for it.

    • chilufya mwamba Says:

      I agree the methodology section is too technical. Maybe it wouldn’t be a bad idea knowing how much we should write.

  4. mugambiw80 Says:

    Having had a plan (written) during the starting and implimented it along the process, then the method part is easier to work out because according to the guide, it amounts to what my plan to conduct the study was. This still drives me to feel that being systematic from the beginning has made things easier down the road.

  5. mm2010 Says:

    The methodology part of writing an article seemed such a huge hurdle to overcome the first time I attempted. it was more challenging when it came to scoring the articles. I seem to have grasped the concept, all I have done is to subject each article to appropriate scoring tool for the appropriate study design. I’m eventually found it interesting. The trick lies in familiarising one self with scoring tools for different study designs because the validity and reliability/trustworthiness/credibility of a study lies largely on the methodology.

    • ebppost Says:

      These experiences are interesting and what it has made me realise as a lecturer is that teaching tools and techniques is not as effective as providing the student with the opportunity to apply the tools or techniques for themselves. During this process you have now learnt much more about the tools than what I could have taught you. Well done.

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