Task 3: Writing the introduction

You have now found all the articles that you are going to include in the article. Now you need to start writing the introduction to the article.  In the introduction include the following:

1. What is the problem?

2. Why is it important?

3.  Define your research question and its relevance to physiotherapy practice


6 Responses to “Task 3: Writing the introduction”

  1. mugambiw80 Says:

    Dear bloggers, I’m just curious, why is systematic review the highest ranking level of evidence yet no one goes to the field to collect data, analyse and give a data based rusult like a RCT or a Quasi study. I’m just curious please come to my rescue i thought when you have statistical data from the ground is when you have more evidence.

  2. ebppost Says:

    Hi I have added an article on hierarchies of evidence which indicates how the levels change but the most important thing is that the research question must be addressed appropriately as RCT’s are not cost effective and not always appropriate for large groups and real life situations

  3. mugambiw80 Says:

    I’m glad on the response on the ranking of levels of evidence. From this information i guess i would be right by saying that the study question strongly dictates the suitability of a specific level of evidence to be used in a study in order to give answers in an ethically approved manner.

  4. kumurenzi Says:

    hello bloggers, i just want to know are we only including what the articles we selected had to say in the introduction or we can even include what other studies said not necessary the selected articles only.
    Waiting for your comments.
    Thank you

    • ebppost Says:


      Please remember that the articles you submitted were only for the task. When doing the article you should include the articles that meet the inclusion criteria and has the highest methodological quality score

  5. mugambiw80 Says:

    Ooh! i seem to be enjoying doing my introduction, and you know why? Because i got most of the literature that i find important in this task during my systematic article search phase. Interesting, is it always like this or i’m offline? Well i do not mean that it is easy but i find it easier than if i was to start from the scratch the process of writing the introduction without any literature at hand. What do you think?

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