Mindset change.


Sometimes it is important to track down the roots of various changes that occur in a group of people. One day it became fun in class after having got feedback for our various tasks that we were undertaking. The unusual thing was that students were ready to share their weaknesses and strength as per the feedback and even make fun about it. In normal circumstances a student feel bad about having been wrong and at times not ready to share the weakness with others. One student’s weakness was another’s strength and the sharing automatically eliminated the weaknesses. My point is that the mindset of a student hiding his/her weakness because he feels bad about it can be eliminated by such a process as we had in EBP where the mentality of openness and sharing of ideas was created and facilitated by the blog from the beginning. If at all open sharing of ideas and elimination of weakeness hiding culture can of any help to a student, then the embedded learning is suitable.


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