My experience with the blog


Dear colleagues,

Please allow me to share my views about the blog. When Professor Jose introduced us to the EBP blog, I could not contain the excitement. On that day, a better and educative face book like network had arrived. The fact that we could share our ideas, opinions, challenges, information and knowledge made it far much important and worthwhile than what I see on face book. I felt there is going to be a free flowing interaction between the lecturer and the students. To my utter disappointment, it wasn’t to be because I was never able to log in. This was at times devastating because I was not able to post anything I wanted to share with my colleagues. It made me trail behind sometimes and this was never good at all. What made it even worse is that substantial effort was made to rectify the problem but unfortunately, it was all in vain. Because of this, I couldn’t wait for the day the blog would come to an end and when we were finally told it is coming to an end, I was the happiest in class. (Simon)


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