Ebp should continue.


Allow me to share with you some learning comparative reflections that have been running through my mind since when i started acquiring research related knowledge.  Any physiotherapy Diploma held in Africa, entails clinical skills meant to treat a patient. Diploma holders in Physiotherapy therefore hardly possess research knowledge that can entrench evidence based practice in our clinical work. To be sincere, many physiotherapists engage in a Masters or a B.Sc program without an idea of how much about research they are supposed to undergo. EBP as part of our masters program has therefore contributed to a swing of insight pertaining to what a physiotherapist at our level should do in terms of practice and putting pieces of knowledge together. This course (EBP) came at a time when our knowledge on research was a key higher. However, our writing knowledge has been refined; our aspiration for further writing has been inspired. Now that we have been using a technologically viable resource (a blog), allow me to propose that this should not be the end of an interaction that adds knowledge. Actually, I take EBP, not as a module but as tool that can keep us unraveling further professional issues and sharing them for the benefit of the societies that we serve.


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