Challenges experienced along Ebp course.


1. During writing, every statement seamed very important for the article. Selecting what to pick and what to leave was a challenge. However, a designed guide on how to trim a lot of information to sizeable but meaningful statements was helpful. 2. The blog could at times keep the posted comments pending and therefore denying the bloggers the opportunity to read on time.

2.b. There were some occasions whereby the blog would deny access to materials that were provided in it to guide the students during the course.

3. During the search for literature, some databases would only provide abstracts for articles that the writers thought were important and therefore denying and in-depth scrutiny of the study that was done.


One Response to “Challenges experienced along Ebp course.”

  1. ebppost Says:

    Yes, familiarising ourselves with the blog and its features was a challenge. In addition network/wireless access also remained a challenge. However, through all of this we were able to share our ideas and communicate and thus we realise that the didactic (face to face) method of teaching cannot totally be replaced with electronic learning.

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