Final draft article


This is my reflection on the interpreting your achievement during this process. Please feel free to add or comment on this:

The knowledge gained during this process relates to evidence based practice and the ability to answer the WHAT, WHY and HOW of a clinical research question. In doing this you have also obtained the skill to find relevant articles and to understand the tools that can be used to evaluate the relevance of articles and the methodological quality of the articles. You have also learnt  the process of writing an article and a guide to the content needed under the different headings.

The skills gained during this process included writing an article, reflecting on the process and sharing of information obtained or gained.  You also gained the skills of searching for relevant articles and systematically screening the articles.

From what I have observed the attitude has been relatively positive and engaging.

please share with me your experience


6 Responses to “Final draft article”

  1. mugambiw80 Says:

    Allow me to share with you some learning comparative reflections that have been running through my mind since when i started acquiring research related knowledge. Any physiotherapy Diploma held in Africa, entails clinical skills meant to treat a patient. Diploma holders in Physiotherapy therefore hardly possess research knowledge that can entrench evidence based practice in our clinical work. To be sincere, many physiotherapists engage in a Masters or a B.Sc program without an idea of how much about research they are supposed to undergo. EBP as part of our masters program has therefore contributed to a swing of insight pertaining to what a physitherapist at our level should do in terms of practice and putting pieces of knowledge together. This course (EBP) came at a time when our knowledge on research was a key higher. However, our writing knowledge has been refined; our aspiration for further writing has been inspired. Now that we have been using a technologically viable resource (a blog), allow me to propose that this should not be the end of an interaction that adds knowledge. Actually, I take EBP, not as a module but as tool that can keep us unraveling further professional issues and sharing them for the benefit of the societies that we serve.

    • ebppost Says:

      This is an excellent reflection. How would you use this tool in the future?

    • ebppost Says:

      I am glad that you have commented on the timing of the module and I agree that after having been through the Research Methods and Literature review module and the process of proposal writing and data collection you now have a better understanding of research. Combining this with your experience as a clinician makes me realise that everyone should be exposed to EBP (probably wishful thinking).

  2. Kumurenzi Anne Says:

    Allow me share my experiences throughout the process of the Ebp classes, this was very interesting and challenging from the begining to the end. This class helped me how to be able to select the necessary articles to include in a study. This process was some how challenging, where sometimes i would write up any part of the article and feel i have done great but the facilitation and feedback from the lecturer really helped alot. I learnt what to include in an article and in which part of the article not repeating the same words or sentence. I think i can appreciate the level I am at writting up either an article, its better than before.I also like the fact that we had to share our challenges throughout the way becuase one would feel that he/she is not the only one facing challenges. Am glad that as a physiotherapist, i wont be good at clinical practices but also a researcher.And ready to share whatever i learnt through this module with my fellow collugues who didnt have the chance, who might come across problems of writting up an article.

  3. Kumurenzi Anne Says:

    I agree with the reflections of the facilitator of this module. I learnt how to search for relevant artciles to be included in a study, learnt about the tolls to be used to assess the articles to be involved in a study. This module has also taught me how to understand the methodological quality and how to write up an article. I must admit too that the attitudes throughout this process of learning where positive, in terms of facilitation.

    • ebppost Says:

      I want to say that having taught this module for the past three years this interactive approach was very rewarding and although facilitating learning was my “responsibility” the way in which the students participated and reflected and then interacted in the face-to face sessions was very rewarding. The questions raised on the blog could be addressed in class and this engagement in learning was positive.

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