Blended learning.


I take a few minutes to share what i have been observing partaining to the blended learning that we are undertaking in ebp. I first acknowledge that my generation is one that is quite deep into the didactic learning. All along our learning process, writing of notes and face to face facilitition is what we have been through. Blended learning comes with a few technological demands which may not be available always. However it gives an oppotunity to share ideas and knowledge. I have observed that within a group of students lies a pool of ideas that may be half baked but spreading  them electronically within a short time between them and the facilitator creates better understanding. A blog like Ebppost can carry a huge quantity of latest material (information) compared to a shelf of books which may not be updated always. Exhaustive use of a professionally prepared learning blog definately add knowledge though with minimal face to face encounter with a facilitator. Acquaring latest information about a specific field is a crucial component of science today. It is only through such a method that this can quickly be achived by sharing information among a group of professionals. However, I guess time is an enemy to blended learning because it demands for more time on line. Any way i have not identified much deficits in this type of learning infact i endorse it.


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