My reflections as a facilitator


Dear students. I am sharing my experience as a facilitator during this process and I hope you will share yours as students.

In setting up this blog I was thinking  of changing this course from using a didactic learning approach to using blended learning. This was a new area to me but I was interested in it as I wanted to improve the learning experience for the students during this course. From setting up this blog, to encouraging interaction from the students, to providing feedback and additional learning material, to stimulating discussion and also being prepared to put my ideas up for public scrutiny has been an enriching experience.

I have grown personally as a facilitator and have improved my knowledge on social networks and blended learning – I still do not always get the terms correct but I have progressed since day 1. During the introduction phase I learnt the importance of giving clear instructions and clear guidelines. I also realised the importance of preparing the student for what is to be expected. The methodology phase has made me realise that as a lecturer, teaching the theory relating to tools and techniques is not as effective as providing the student with the opportunity to apply the tools or techniques for themselves.

I also made contact with the barriers to e-learning such as internet access and computer skills of participants and the facilitator. I also realised that although this form of teaching allows for lots of interaction and flexibility, there is a need for TIME and also one needs to keep all stakeholder MOTIVATED.

I would like to hear what you as students have experienced thus far besides focusing on completing the tasks required.


2 Responses to “My reflections as a facilitator”

  1. chilufya Mwamba Says:

    Blended learning has been very intresting to me at the same time challenging. For me it is the ultimate learning process in the 21st century. Thanks for the EBP module. It has made me to look at research in a more detailed maner and be able to analyse and critic articles and make sense out of it. I ve always wanted to concentrate on research and the EBP module has just added to what my heart has always desired. While i appreciate the research skills that i ve learnt through blended learning, the question that i keep on asking my self is how we going to transform this beautifull learning process back home. The big challenge is is the internate broadband which is so minimal and sometimes not there. How i wish all learning institutions moved at the same time in terms of accademic development.

    • ebppost Says:

      The internet broadband is indeed a challenge in Africa and I hope that we will be able to find ways of overcoming this. Sharing of information and building communities of practice in education and research in Africa will be greatly assisted by tools like blogs and social networks etc.

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