Dear ebppost. I have just noted something interesting when you explained the role of the READER by MAC Auley. We have always used it as a methodological quality tool. Now you mentioned that it is meant for relevance. This actually makes sense because that is what the name stands for. But now we are left without a tool for cross-sectional surveys. I’m i right by observing this and if that is the case, do you know of a tool for the cross-sectionals? I stand to be corrected.


3 Responses to “Methodology”

  1. ebppost Says:

    My understanding of the READER is assessing relevance for practice with a very small aspect or section looking at methodological quality. With regards to cross-sectional studies, it can be compared to cohort studies as they are both observational studies. Thus you can use the methodological quality tool for observational studies or cohort studies. Let me know if this helped.

  2. kumurenzi Says:

    I didnt see it this way as assessing only the relevance because it helped me determine if i can include a cross-sectional study or exclude but when it comes to the methodological quality, it does make sense.Because it is not assessing the quality of the article but helping the researcher to know the relevance of of the article. Below on the evaluation and reaction of the article, one can be biased depending on if he wants to include the artilce or not.So this leaves us with no tool for the cross-sectional.I just saw the comment of using the cohort tool.Will see if it helps.

  3. mm2010 Says:

    when I was writing up my introduction, at first it was not easy to identify the gap, because all I was doing was reporting on the reviewed articles without really interacting with them and listening carefully to the problems that these articles were identifying. after reading through these articles critically I found that there was one or two similar or related problems that the studies were examining or identifying. I learnt to relate the study outcomes to my own topic which also helped me to identify the gap.
    what were experiences?

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